Narrative therapy and counselling service in Cambridge

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How I work

As a Narrative therapist and counsellor, I work collaboratively with people and see my role more as a co-researcher. Looking together with you at the stories you have brought to tell about yourself with an intention to open the door to new stories, rich in affirming personal values and beliefs, newly rediscovered intentions and inspiring possible futures.

In my work I prefer to see what people bring to counselling or therapy as ‘problem stories’. When seeking help we want to talk about the problem because we want to get it sorted out. The stories that we tell about ourselves have often taken over and become all consuming making us see ourselves as the problem, dominating our lives and limiting our view of our past, our current options and any future possibilities.

In my work, I help individuals, couples and groups to find new ways of considering the influence of the difficulties or problems they have brought to discuss. Working collaboratively we identify clearly how the difficulties or problems have impacted on their lives, with a clear focus on the problem being the problem and not the person being the problem. I work with people towards a goal of finding out what is possible and how things could be, what change can be considered and what a new way forward might look like, rather than staying stuck in the problem and what is wrong. I aim to provide conversations for people founded upon hope, possibility and a deep respect of who they are and what they hold dear in life.

Before you decide to make an appointment I am always happy to answer any questions you might have about working with me by email, or in a short conversation by telephone or skype.