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How I can help

There are many reasons why people have sought to have conversations with me about the difficulties with which they have been learning to live. As a Narrative Therapist I support people to identify problems in their own terms, so if what you want to bring to consult with me about is not on this list do not be put off contacting me. We all have different ways of describing, naming and talking about what we are seeking help for.

This is a list of the often used names women and men have given to the problems or difficulties they have brought to therapy and counselling with me and that I have, because of their sharing of knowledge about these issues, developed considerable experience in talking about.

  • Issues with relationships, this could be related communication, sex, identity or relationship breakdown and divorce.

  • Anxiety, self blame, procrastination, worry.

  • Depression, low mood, sadness.

  • Anger, frustration, a temper. Anger management.

  • Stress. Feeling pressured.

  • Substance misuse, addiction. The effects of long term medication.

  • Addictive behaviours which could be towards, sex, gambling, food, the internet and social media.

  • Grief, loss, bereavement.

  • Self esteem.

  • Abuse, sexual abuse; as an adult or as a child. Women and men.

  • Trauma.

  • Domestic violence.

  • Cultural issues; identity, racism, displacement and migration.

  • Self harming.

  • Personal development. Life satisfaction.

  • Workplace issues.

  • Health, disease, caring for others.

  • Searching for help with issues relating to sexuality, gender or identity.

I also have particular experience of having conversations to support:

  • Men who prefer to talk to men.
  • Women who identify a preference for working with male therapists.
  • Men and women who believe they are misusing substances.
  • Women and men who experience racism and the inter-generational effects of colonisation.

As as collaborative practitioner I regularly invite clients to review how we are working. Valuing your experience, reflections and feedback on the sessions enables them to continue to be focussed on what is important for you to discuss and to be directed towards achieving the best outcomes from our conversations.