Privacy Statement

I am committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulations (Data Protection Act 2018). 

I do not share, sell or disclose to a third party any information collected through my website or through any other form of communication I have with members of the public who enquire about or use my therapy and counselling service.

I will use your personal data only for direct personal communication with you in regards to my service and if you become a client to maintain a high level of communication and service in between sessions. This will normally amount to brief email or text contact about proposed session times or dates.

Your contact information will be held for no longer than is necessary for communication purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns about the confidentiality of your personal data please do not hesitate to contact me.

In preparing this statement I have followed guidance from the ICO about the requirements of GDPR in respect to my business services. In all issues of privacy and confidentiality I also abide by and follow the recommendations of the BACP ethical framework for best practice.